2 Real Estate Retargeting “Mini Courses”

Facebook Retargeting Mini Course

What Is Retargeting?

Step 1, Install Your Pixels

How To Run An Ad To Your Custom Audience

How To Exclude Specific Audiences

Google Retargeting Mini Course

Step 1 - Install Your Remarketing Code

Step 2 - Create Your Adwords Audiences

Step 3 - Run Your Remarketing AD

Request A 1 On 1 Consult & Have This Stuff “Done For You”


Seller Lead CMA Request System

What You'll Need

  • A Facebook Business Ads Account
  • Realtors Property Resource, CloudCMA or similar CMA Creation System
  • A Youtube Account (for thank you video)
  • Zapier (for pushing leads to gmail and your CRM system)
  • Gmail Account (for sending conversational autoreply)
  • A budget for running Facebook Ads $5-$50 a day recommended
  • Patience – This is not about building relationships with homeowners who might list with you in the next 3-36 months.


Setting Up Your Facebook Business Account & Adding A Payment Method

Get Your Property Valuation Tool Ready

Optional But Recommended - Get A Zapier.Com Account

Create Your After-Opt Thank You Video

Create A Quick Video

This doesn’t need to be perfect, just whip out your phone and hit record…

Embed Your Thank You Video On A Page

Your “Thank You” video is very important because it helps people put a “face to the name” that they’ll be seeing in your other follow ups.

Don’t worry about it being to polished. Take a “Ready Fire Aim” approach, where you get a minimum viable product out the door then come back later and aim.

If you’re truly shy about doing video you can also just do a page that says “thank you” with a picture… but a video is much better.

Running Your Facebook Ad

Step By Step, How To Create The Ad

How To Download Your Leads From Facebook

How To Create Alternate Ad Images For Split Testing

Click Here for An Alternate Ad Image That Works Pretty Good

Right Click & Save As to Download


Send A “Conversational Autoreply” That Gets Homeowners Chatting With You

Set Up Zapier To Send A Quick Autoreplay with Gmail

Optional Additional Step - Send Yourself Lead Notifications

By default, Facebook doesn’t notify you when new leads submit the form.

If you’re using zapier to feed a CRM that sends you notifications then you’re good to go.

Otherwise, you can follow the instructions in the last video to create a zap that emails you details about the Lead. This can happen from the same zap by clicking to add another gmail action after the first gmail action.

Create & Deliver The Report

How To Create A Quick RPR Report

Email The Report

Snail Mail and/or Hand Deliver The Report!

Follow Up & Convert!

Send Automatic Listing Alerts

Set Up A Tickler Every 3 Months or So

Closing Video

“RealEstateTransactionAlerts” Complete Seller Lead Generation Funnel

Here’s a complete Seller Lead Generation funnel you can launch in the next 10 minutes.

It includes:

  • A hosted, dynamic “survey landing page” that can be quickly tweaked for any micro market you want to get listings from
  • A Video Tutorial about the exact Facebook ad to run to start getting homeowners opting into your page
  • Simple follow up protocol (send light cma, set up for listing alerts through your mls or idx system

To build the page please edit the URL below with your own info as instructed in the video…


(If you need help you can email ryan@realtargeter.com with your desired city and full contact info, and he’ll build your link for you)

Also note: Notifications about leads from the page can go to your spam folder, so just check there and tell your email program not to put future notifications in spam…

Screenshot of the Facebook Ad

5 Hour Copywriting Course

These 5 content packed videos about copywriting and selling stuff online aren’t specifically about real estate, but watching them will make you a better marketer, which will help you sell more houses at the end of the day 🙂

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Google Pay Per Click Basics

Google “Pay Per Click” is probably the fastest, most efficient way to generate high quality buyer leads. On this page you’ll find a mix of “Basic” tutorials, and advanced examples and case studies that show you specific ways to use Google’s Adwords platform to build your real estate practice.

If you’d like to have your Real Estate PPC Lead Generation “Done For You” Click Here To Request A Quote Today.


Setting Up Your Google Adwords Account

What Is A Search Ad

How To Run A Basic Niche Property List Search Ad Campaign

What Are Google Display Ads

How To Run A Basic Google Display Ad

Landing Page Strategies

Remarketing (aka Retargeting)

Step 1 - Install Your Remarketing Code

Step 2 - Create Your Adwords Audiences

Step 3 - Run Your Remarketing AD

Facebook Pay Per Click Basics

Facebook “Pay Per Click” is a powerful way to get very targeted with your online lead generation. Generally people clicking on FB ads won’t have as much “intent” as folks clicking on Google, but you’ll be able to get people into your database much more affordably.

If you’re looking to keep your pipeline full at a very affordable “cost per lead” FB ads are the way to go.


Facebook Ad Capture Strategies

Setting Up Your FB Business Account For Running Ads

How To Run A Simple Clicks To Website Campaign To A Niche Focused Property Search

Squeeze & Landing Page Campaigns (Featuring LeadBarrel.Com)

How To Run Video Campaigns With Direct Calls To Action


What Is Retargeting?

Step 1, Install Your Pixels

How To Run An Ad To Your Custom Audience

How To Exclude Specific Audiences

Recorded Webinars & Case Studies

SMS Text Ads That Get You Real Cell Number Real Estate Leads Every Time

Who else wants 100% accurate, real cell phone number Leads!

In this recorded webinar Ryan explores a FB “promoted post” approach that uses SMS autoresponders to generate you very high quality leads who will start talking to you right away.

Example Text Based Offers (From The Video)

  • Text “Foreclosures” To (NUMBER) to INSTANTLY Receive A Current List of Foreclosure Deals In Atlanta
  • Text “PriceReductions” To (NUMBER) to INSTANTLY See A List of Recently Reduced Real Estate Deals in Tampa
  • Text “IncomeProperties” To (NUMBER) for A Current List Of MultiFamily CAsh Flowing INvestment Opportunities in St Pete FL
  • Text “LAKEFRONT” To (NUMBER) to see a current list of Lakefront Homes in Lake Chelan
  • Text “GIMMELEADS” to (NUMBER) if you’re a Real Estate agent who can handle some extra “lead flow” in West Philly.
  • Text “55homes” to (NUMBER) to see a current list of Ocean County properties in 55+ Communities.
  • Text “BIGGERHOUSE” To (NUMBER) to see a current list of York Suburban School District properties with 2500+ Sq. FT
  • Text “OpenHouses” to (NUMBER) to see this weeks list of Open Houses in the Central School District
  • Text “HORSES” To (NUMBER) to see a current list of Ranches for sale within 25 miles of Sante FE.
  • Text “FORE” To (NUMBER) to see a current list of properties on Golf Courses in Tampa FL.
  • Text “STARTERHOMES” To (NUMBER) to see a list of properties well suited to newly married copules just starting out.

Webinar Replay: Why You Should Be Working With Investors (& How to Get Started)

Key Time-Stamps

  • 2:10 – Start Thinking About All Your Past Clients as Potential Investor Clients
  • 6:09 – Avoid Fake Investors and Focus on “Real” Loyal Investors
  • 7:45 – Demonstrate Value and Get “List Backs”
  • 9:55 – Investors = Fast Closings (Focus on Repeaters, not “one and done”
  • 11:55 – 5 Question Test You Should Run All Investors Through (so you don’t waste time)
  • 21:00 – “Infinite Capacity”
  • 23:00 – How To Get An Investor To Work With FAST
  • 25:30 – Help Them Avoid The Walk Of Shame
  • 26:50 – How To Create Your Own Inventory
  • 33:00 – Build A Landing Page Offering Your Private List
  • 40:00 – Using Your IDX Site to Create a Private List
  • 42:00 – Running A Facebook PPC Ad Offering Your Private List (How To Target ETC)
  • 52:00 – Learn the Game So You Can Create Deals!

Webinar Replay – How To Use Video SEO & “RED ZEBRA” FSBO/EXPIRED ScriptsTo Get Tons Of Clicks & Listings



  • 4:37 – 3 Things You Need To Be The Top Listing Agent in Your Market
  • 8:00 – Agent Success Stories
  • 21:00 – The Power Of Video When It Comes To SEO
  • 28:00 – Expired/FSBO Strategy + Scripting That Turns Appointments Into Listings
  • 35:00 – Red Zebra FSBO Script
  • 39:00 – Red Zebra Expired Script
  • 54:00 – Pulling Back The Curtain (How To Automate The Process)
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