Facebook Pay Per Click Basics

Facebook “Pay Per Click” is a powerful way to get very targeted with your online lead generation. Generally people clicking on FB ads won’t have as much “intent” as folks clicking on Google, but you’ll be able to get people into your database much more affordably.

If you’re looking to keep your pipeline full at a very affordable “cost per lead” FB ads are the way to go.


Facebook Ad Capture Strategies

Setting Up Your FB Business Account For Running Ads

How To Run A Simple Clicks To Website Campaign To A Niche Focused Property Search

Squeeze & Landing Page Campaigns (Featuring LeadBarrel.Com)

How To Run Video Campaigns With Direct Calls To Action


What Is Retargeting?

Step 1, Install Your Pixels

How To Run An Ad To Your Custom Audience

How To Exclude Specific Audiences

Recorded Webinars & Case Studies

Google Analytics Alternative