High Converting Pay Per Click Lead Generation Funnels  For Top Producing Real Estate Teams & Brokerages...

Most Brokerages & Teams Are Using The Same "Cookie Cutter" Stuff These Days...  

There are an increasing amount of "Pay-Per-Click-IDX-Website-Lead Generation" Vendors out there offering more or less the same "me too" solutions and charging an arm and a leg for what amounts to a "Register To See Properties" type of website. 

Some of them have wonderful follow up systems on the back-end, but 1 problem with this model is that most ​consumers are getting wise to the fact that you don't need to "pay" with an email address to see property listings anymore. 

Zillow is out there... and Realtor.Com is even better because it does actually have all the listings. ​

If You Want Something A Little Better Than "Me Too," Here's Some Of What You Can Be Doing...  

  • Pay Per Click Campaigns That Drive Visitors To "Niche Focused Search Results" instead of the same old "Register To Search 1000's Of Listings" (new construction, price reductions, income properties, land, etc) 
  • Use Channels Other Than Google Search & Facebook - Every broker in town and the vendors they're hiring are all using the same "low hanging fruit" sources, mostly because they're not familiar with what else is out there. Sources such as Google Display, Youtube "Skip This Ad" Bing, Twitter, Sitescout/RTB Networks, and even local media buys might give you much more bang for  your buck than what you're doing above. 
  • Cross Channel Retargeting - Chances are you're not even Retargeting on 1 channel yet, but if you really want to build your brand, increase conversions, and make it seem like your company is "everywhere" online, then you'll want to cookie  all your website visitors and start showing them ads on more than just 1 channel. For example, if someone clicks on one of your Facebook ads, you can start showing them "skip this ad" videos on youtube.  
  • Survey Landing Pages that involve your visitors & get you higher conversion rates. When you fill out the survey below you'll notice that it kind of "pulls" you down a path. It also "segments" and "pre-qualifies" behind the scenes so we can follow up with you in a more targeted way. You'll want to implement this kind of stuff into your campaigns, or at least show surveys directly after a lead registers so you can generate higher quality leads for your team. 
  • Traffic Expense Re-Capture Tweaks that get you a fast cash return on your pay per click budget so you can get your money back fast and out-spend your competitors. (Almost NOBODY in the industry is doing this yet, but it'll give you a HUGE Competitive Advantage..)

Our Services Aren't For Everybody...   

Solo agents and small teams with modest budgets can just use our Facebook PPC Basics & Google PPC Basics courses to put together 'good enough' campaigns that will yield pretty good results.

But if you're a larger team, or a brokerage who has more sophisticated Lead Generation & Brand building campaigns then you might want to talk with us. 

If You Think Your Business Is A Good Fit, Use The Form Below To Schedule A 1-on-1 Consult Today  

We'll do a  30 minute "shared screen" session where we take a look at what you're currently doing. Then if you like the recommendations we make, you can decide to work with us, or ... just take the advice and implement on your own. 

Either way the session will be well worth your time... Answer the questions below to get started now.. 


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